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15 Декабрь, 2017

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The gala will take place on December 2, Friday, at the incomparable facilities Conference Centre in the city of Marbella, home of Luxury Advertising Awards from birth and city of luxury and glamor par excellence.

The LUXURY ADVERTISING AWARDS is a festival full of Glamour, where value is placed on the importance of the communication strategy of any luxury brand or premium, as a very effective way to convey the philosophy of the company and at the same time help make an approach to customers and social references.

The power of advertising brings to the products and services exquisiteness, beauty, elegance, glamor and aslo More and more brands that want to be associated with the concept of exclusivity, which leads to increased competition and democratization of luxury.

Exclusivity is built through experiences that the brand is able to provide.

It is usually associated with big luxury brands, designers of haute couture and perfumes, etc. But there is also other advertising, which is made for any brand in its most prominent and exclusive version, an elegant and glamorous version, Advertising Premium. For them also will run these awards Luxury Advertising Awards.



15 Декабрь, 2017
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Место проведения

Palacio de Congresos y Ferias de Marbella
José Meliá, 2
Marbella, 29603 España
+ Карта Google
+34 902 733 555

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